public Golf course PAVILION

  • Community led Design/Build project (MassArt+The City of Brookline)
  • Digital Fabrication workflow
  • Completed 2017

The Putterham Meadows public golf course, in Brookline MA, has a growing number of users, and not enough space for food, drink, and entertainment. To create this bar and grill pavilion, we leveraged the efficiency of digital fabrication to ensure accurate and timely parts, to speed up site assembly, and to realize an expressive design, too intricate for more traditional construction methods. 

This project was made possible with funding from the City of Brookline, the hard work and ingenuity of MassArt Graduate students & faculty, and the generosity of several local material vendors.


  • Black-Box multi-form Performance Hall
  • Community Theater
  • Public Art Gallery & Cafe
  • Designed 2018

The Avenue of the Arts In Boston's Fenway neighborhood is a creative artery, anchoring several of the city's largest musical and artistic institutions. The goal of FenPac is to expand exposure for emerging medium of art and performance. The nested shell roof structure not only provides natural reflected daylight when desired, but also creates a flexible framework for a variety of acoustic, lighting, and rigging conditions. The modular and reconfigurable floor allows for a multitude of stage forms and styles.

the newmarket school

  • Public STEAM + Voc-Tech high school
  • Night school & adult education
  • Proximity to industry leaders
  • Dovetails with Boston's explicit education & economic goals
  • Designed 2018

This thesis is a design proposal for the development of a new school prototype focusing on project-based learning in the Boston Public School system. The needs of Boston’s high school students, teachers, learning adults, and local businesses inform the curriculum and program of this project. With an emphasis on adaptability for the future, the school is tailored to provide flexibility of use for today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s.

The City of Boston (in their comprehensive Imagine Boston 2030 report) recommends the development of new school typologies to serve the city’s expanding population, growing economy, and emerging industries.By giving local public high school students, teachers, learning adults, and local businesses a place of learning to call their own under one roof, we can reinforce quality education with real-world relevance. Boston is pioneering the technologies of the 21st century. This combination ensures the public education system meets that pioneering future with a school to fuel it:
The Newmarket School.


  • Performing Arts Center
  • Designed 2012

Boston's Fort Point Channel waterfront has been long under appreciated. While massive private residential developments quickly claim the majority of nearby land, the opportunity for a public cultural venue is quickly shrinking. The Fort Point Performing Arts Center is a multidisciplinary creative center that repairs a tear in the urban fabric, bringing life back to the Channel's edge.


  • Youth Center Center
  • Designed 2011

The SoWa neighborhood in Boston is a bustling area with lots of commercial activity and a wealth of creative-based businesses. There is also a very large community of families, with less than adequate access to public resources for after-school activities for the teenagers and kids. This project, the SoWa Youth Center, is designed as a space just for the youth of the area.


  • Children's Library Expansion
  • Designed 2011

The Boston Public Library, for all of its resources and public spotlight, lacks ample attraction for children and teenagers. This project utilizes an under utilized lot in Boston busy Back-Bay neighborhood, coupled with a mixed use program, to maximize the exposure of this new Children's Library.